Monday, 25 May 2015

Culture/Norm of Safety and Injury Prevention


- What are the factors that impact the culture of safety in any environment?

- Why are some environments less safe than others?

- How do safety and injury prevention impact the choices we make and our overall wellness?

- Why are some risky activities and unintentional injuries common to youth?

- How can I support my wellness and the wellness of others?

- How do my morals and ethics impact my safety and the safety of others?

Injuries Prevention Assignment

You will get one class in the lab and one class in the classroom.  You will use the class in the lab to get all of your research.  Then you will be in the classroom, the next day putting all of the information onto a poster to present to the class.  We will be presenting these in class on June 4th, 2015.

Listed below are common activity-related injuries.
1.       Shin Splints
2.       Achilles Tendinitis
3.       Runners Knee
4.       Plantar Fasciitis
5.       Tennis Elbow
6.       Sprained Ankle
7.       Shoulder separation
8.       Rotator Cuff Tear
9.       Knee Ligament Tear
10.    Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome

Work with a partner to complete the following for your assigned injury:
A)     Describe in your own words, using great detail, what the injury is
B)      Describe in your own words the possible causes of the injury (try to list as many causes as you can)
C)      Demonstrate strategies for preventing and managing these injuries.
D)     Share your information with the class in a creative way (use pictures)  You will create a poster.
E)      Hand in a paper copy of parts a,b, and c of the assignment
Handout: Injury Prevention

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