Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mental Health Unit

1) Brainstorm: list as many images/words you can to describe what a person suffering from mental illness looks like.

2) Clara Hughes:
Clara Hughes has won Olympic medals both in the Winter and Summer Olympics.  She is an example of someone who struggled with a mental illness.  She worked along side Bell Media in order "to break the silence surrounding mental illness".  Clara biked 11,000 km across Canada in order to bring awareness to people about Mental Illness.  A documentary was made, called "Clara's Big Ride".  "The documentary recounts the epic 110-day journey through 105 communities and 235 events in varied and often extreme weather conditions."
“The ride was all about connecting with people and putting them on the podium – elevating every Canadian to take the stage and tell their own unique stories,” said Hughes. “I’m honoured and humbled to invite Canadians in every corner of the country to relive this transformational journey, to share in the many voices and personal stories recounted in the doc. By talking, we can work toward creating a stigma-free Canada.”
- Watch video: (Until approx. 13:00)

3) Read Handout: Strategies and Tips for Good Mental Health

4) Activity: Mental Health Stations
Students will use the handout provided and go to each station.  At each station, they will find a pamphlet about a Mental Illness.  Use the handout provided to fill in the missing information.
Complete Handout: Mental Health Stations

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